The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) has decided to temporarily shut down the gallery that houses artist Mideo Cruz's controversial artworks.

Cruz's art installation "Politeismo" depicted a version of Jesus Christ as a mouse and also showed other religious objects juxtaposed with a red penis or other odd objects, which critics described as "blasphemous" and "sacrilegious."

While CCP said it will "continue to act as catalyst for free expression of Filipino artists," it said they are now taking steps to "make more informed decisions in the future."

The exhibit 'Kulo' is a compilation of work by 32 artists and was hinged on Jose Rizal's 150th year.

"Because all the participating artists had a common educational background, all having studied at the  UST, they felt it fitting that the theme of Jose Rizal also reflect the heritage and culture represented by the 400-year old university," CCP said in its backgrounder.

CCP said "Politeismo" was not new as it had been featured in exhibits in Ateneo de Manila, UP Vargas Musueum and Kulay Diwa since 2002.